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Credits for all photos and illustrations


Fishmonger in Barcelona, Spain © Claudia Amico / WWF Mediterranean

School of Saupe (Boops salpa or Sarpa salpa), Tabarka coast, Tunisia © Michel Gunther / WWF

Preparing fish © WWF France

Hake alla chitarra by Lisa Casali © Show Reel

Fisherman in Taza, Algeria © Magali Mabari / WWF Mediterranean

all seafood illustrations with transparent background © Scandinavian Fishing Yearbook / WWF

Mussels with chorizo and saffron by Ana Grgić © Esplanade Zagreb Hotel

Fish market in Naples, Italy © Gernant Magnin / WWF Netherlands

Young children with small carps, Tonle Sap River, Cambodia © Zeb Hogan / WWF

Fish Stories

Artisanal fishermen off the coast of Valparaiso, Chile © Meridith Kohut / WWF-US

all seafood illustrations with transparent background (except rabbitfish) © Scandinavian Fishing Yearbook / WWF

rabbitfish illustration with transparent background © WWF Bulgaria

young men around a big fish © Zeb Hogan WWF Canon

Fishmonger selling salmon, Brussels, Belgium © Bruno Arnold / WWF

Unloading fish from a trawler in Camargue, Le Grau-du-Roi, Gard, Languedoc-Roussillon, France © Bruno Pambour / WWF

all icons © WWF


Horse mackerel in cumin with carrots © Restaurante Aponiente

Thicklip grey mullet fillet with crispy vegetables and green tea by François Pasteau © WWF France

Hake alla chitarra by Lisa Casali © Show Reel

Confit cod with dried tomatoes and apricots by Vitor Sobral © Vitor Sobral

Pangasius with spinach, quinoa and zucchini by Geert van Soest ©

Seabream fillet in kohlrabi cream by Uroš Štefelin © Marijan Mocivnik,

Sardines wrapped in vine leaves by Elias Mamalakis  © G. Drakopoulos – Food Styling: T. Webb / WWF Greece

Rabbitfish with potato and seasonal greens, Turkey © Saliha Duman Kırgız – Özcan Şarlı / WWF-Türkiye

Mussels with chorizo and saffron by Ana Grgić © Esplanade Zagreb Hotel

Prawn kerkenaise by Mounir El Aarem © Mounir El Aarem

Kinilaw von Gelbflossenthunfisch © Philipp Forstner  / Digital Imaging:

Karpfen im Salzteig © StockFood  Sporrer/Skowronek

Sturgeon soup © StockFood Studio Lipov


Ana Grgić, Croatia © Esplanade Zagreb Hotel

François Pasteau, France © WWF France

Elias Mamalakis, Greece © Anna Plioni – Zilfidou/ WWF Greece

Lisa Casali, Italy © Dario Altamura/ WWF Mediterranean

Geert van Soest, The Netherlands © Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers

Vitor Sobral, Portugal © Vitor Sobral

Uroš Štefelin, Slovenia © Vila Podvin

Ángel León © Restaurante Aponiente

Mounir El Aarem, Tunisia © Mounir El Aarem

Mustafa Eriş, Turkey © Saliha Duman Kırgız – Özcan Şarlı / WWF-Türkiye

Chef Jeffrey Francis Bartolome © Philipp Forstner  / Digital Imaging:

Marc Mößmer, Austria © Biofisch

WWF Recommendations

Server holding a basket of fresh fish in Mallorca Spain © Stuart Pearce / Alamy Stock Photo

all seafood illustrations with transparent background (except rabbitfish) © Scandinavian Fishing Yearbook / WWF

rabbitfish illustration with transparent background © WWF Bulgaria

We’re all connected

Fishmonger stall, Greece © Anna Plioni Zilfidou/ WWF Greece

Banc d’Arguin National Park, Mauritania © Mark Edwards / WWF

Hard facts

Fisherman holding fish in his hands, Mafamede, Mozambique. © WWF-US James Morgan

all icons © WWF

Fishmonger stall, Greece © Anna Plioni Zilfidou / WWF Greece

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